What's Better, Singlehood

or Coupledom?

A Collection of Short Stories
by Karl Bimshas


    With this collection of short stories, author Karl Bimshas casually and engagingly explores the often comical nuances between single and married life.

    Details and Specifications

    Language: English

    ISBN: 9781667175997

    Category: Fiction - Romance

    Copyright: All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License


    What is it all about?

    There is value and strength in singlehood, as there is in coupledom. These twelve stories delve into the agonizing uncertainty that rests between those two, often blissful states. The giddy, foolish, obsessive beginnings and the painful decaying endings that may last for months, or years, or sometimes happen all at once.

    The unsung heroes are the friends, siblings, and allies who, when the agita of love disrupts the routine, support or challenge the lovesick decisions made by others.

    Perfectly sized for a quick escape, readers will enjoy the wit, realism, and character development that Bimshas is known for in his fiction.

    Which relationships have the best flavor? Find out with More Pepper, Less Salt.