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❤️ Get a DISC Summary Report for you and your partner (business or otherwise)

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Hi Reader,

Yes, we're romantics here at Karl Bimshas Consulting, and with Valentine's Day around the corner, it got us thinking...



Your values travel with you. You don't leave them at home or work. Use this DISC Assessment to help create positive outcomes around conflict resolution, communication, and collaboration - anywhere!

DISC guides people who want to learn more about the communication styles that drive behavior and decision-making. And here's your chance to get 2-for-1 so you and your partner can make things click better.

The DISC SUMMARY provides your general characteristics, strengths, motivations, needs, communication tips, and areas for potential improvement for only $49



NOTE: After you order this assessment, you will need to provide two separate email addresses for each person. Within 24 hours, each of you will receive an email containing a unique link to the online survey.

Assessments take about ten minutes to complete. Once you submit them, a PDF report containing your personalized results will be delivered to your inbox.

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