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The Jerks

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Hello Reader,

The Jerks

There are two types of jerk bosses. Some don’t know they are jerks, and then there are those who relish being jerks.

Sometimes, people ask me, “How do I deal with a boss who’s a jerk.” Of course, the “right” answer is a typical consultant answer; it depends.

There are many factors to consider, like how imbalanced your relationship with them is. They likely have economic leverage over you, but you have the skills to neutralize or combat that.

Are they a nuisance, roll your eyes kind of a jerk, or totalitarian and abusive to the point you cry yourself to sleep at night?

Is it occasional? Usually, they’re fine, but anytime you request PTO, they treat it as a personal affront.

Are they brilliant but lack common civility?

The symptoms are virtually limitless. What you must not do is compromise your integrity and dignity. You must set the example, as hard as it can be, of an acceptable way to be treated by others.

Secondly, if you’re trying to avoid confrontation or passive aggressiveness is your jam, leave a copy of the book, "GIVE A DAMN! How to Lead Better" in the break room, conference room, or — their desk. It’s a small book with pictures and big-sized lettering, perfect for adults who act like children. To be clear, that’s not the book’s intended audience, but it sure can help.


It’s a short, inspirational picture book I wrote and is illustrated by Marija Djaković, calling on those who lead to do a better job. This breezy book is an excellent gift for aspiring leaders and a potent reminder for established managers. You can find it on Amazon or Leadershirts Plus.

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Become a better leader without being a jerk with this Boston-bred, California-chilled Leadership Advisor, Writer, & Podcast Host

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