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You've Been Deputized!

Published 27 days ago • 2 min read

Hi Reader,

The best recommendations Karl Bimshas Consulting gets come from those who value and understand the importance of leadership development and accountability. Therefore, I hereby deputize you to seek the signs of lousy leadership near you so we can intervene before it’s too late and poor habits become entrenched.

Here are some tools to help you.

“There Might Be A Leadership Problem Here”

  • Is the organizational vision and direction unclear or unknown to a significant portion of the team?
  • Are there frequent misunderstandings, lack of alignment, or confusion due to ineffective communication within the team?
  • Does the organization struggle to respond effectively to changes, resulting in challenges or setbacks?
  • Do team members experience difficulty in understanding and managing emotions, leading to strained relationships or conflicts?
  • Is there a pattern of leaders being hesitant or unwilling to delegate tasks, leading to overburdened team members or a lack of skill development?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes,” it suggests a leadership problem might need attention. Further assessment and targeted interventions could help improve overall leadership effectiveness and organizational success.

Let’s dig deeper to be sure.

Think of a specific leader (it could be you) and rate each question.

True = 1 Point, I don’t know = 0 Points, False = -1 Point

  1. ___ The leader actively listens to team members.
  2. ___ The leader has a clear vision for the team/organization.
  3. ___ The leader makes decisions considering relevant information.
  4. ___ The leader is sensitive to the needs and concerns of team members.
  5. ___ The leader addresses conflicts constructively.
  6. ___ The leader works on building strong team dynamics.
  7. ___ The leader holds themself accountable for mistakes.

TOTAL ____

A score of six or less could spell trouble. Here’s why. Each question focuses on a critical aspect of effective leadership, making these valuable tools for evaluating and enhancing leadership skills.

  • Active listening facilitates a positive and communicative environment, promoting trust and understanding within the team. (Q1)
  • A clear vision provides direction and purpose, aligning team members toward common goals with a sense of motivation and commitment. (Q2)
  • Effective decision-making is fundamental to leadership. Considering relevant information ensures well-informed and strategic choices. (Q3)
  • Empathy is crucial for building strong relationships. Leaders who understand and address the needs of their team members create a positive and supportive work environment. (Q4)
  • Conflict resolution is a key leadership skill. Leaders who handle conflicts constructively contribute to a healthy team dynamic and prevent the escalation of issues. (Q5)
  • Team dynamics play a vital role in achieving organizational goals. Leaders who invest in building a cohesive and motivated team contribute to overall success. (Q6)
  • Accountability sets a positive example and promotes a culture of responsibility. Leaders who acknowledge and learn from mistakes contribute to continuous improvement. (Q7)

These questions provide a quick way of assessing leadership qualities. If you know any leaders who want or need to enhance their development, I’d like to meet them.

Who Likes to Work with Karl Bimshas Consulting:

[ ] Forward-thinking individuals or organizations

[ ] Passionate about being accountable

[ ] Seeks innovative leadership approaches

[ ] Values tangible results and performance elevation

Where are They:

[ ] Professional Services across industries (Healthcare, Municipalities, Education, Finance, etc.)

How to Know if They’re the Right Fit:

[ ] Committed to effective leadership development

[ ] Embraces fresh perspectives and structured methodologies

[ ] Values personalized guidance and self-paced online resources

Did you check most of the boxes?

It’s a Referral Opportunity!

Notify me directly, and let’s elevate their leadership, or click the link below to fill out a referral form.

Your ongoing support and valuable referrals are the coin of the realm for Karl Bimshas Consulting, which is entering its 15th year of helping busy professionals become confident and competent leaders without becoming jerks. Thank you! Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way!

All the Best,


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